May 2015 Favourites…


Hi guys! I missed out on posting my April Favourites so I thought I would skip straight to my May Favourites post considering it is almost the end of May. I hope you enjoy this post!

P.S – I must apologise for the not so good quality of the photo.

Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray: A few months ago Urban Decay finally launched in Australia (about time right!?). Having heard many great things about this setting spray I knew I had to try it. This product works wonderfully. It has definitely become a staple in my make up regime especially if there is any special occasion or simply if I want my make up to last throughout the day and night. It dries extremely fast and doesn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable on the skin at all. I think this is a must have for every girl out there who wants their make up to stay put (who doesn’t right?). It is quite expensive here in Australia but I honestly think it’s worth the splurge. I have tried other cheaper setting sprays and none of them do the job as well as this. I can confidently say that my make up still looks put together after a long day/night with this setting spray.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: I had been eyeing this mascara for quite some time. I’m always on the search for my ‘holy grail’ mascara and while this isn’t exactly my holy grail, it definitely comes close. What I love about this particular mascara is the unique shape of the brush. It is shaped like an hourglass and this helps to coat every single lash. When I first used it, I was amazed at the noticeable difference it made to my lashes in just one coat. It adds a great deal of length and curl to my lashes as well as volume. What I don’t particularly like is that it can tend to flake throughout the day and this is the main reason why it isn’t exactly my ‘holy grail’. If it weren’t for that, it probably would be! I definitely love it enough to include it in my favourites.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer: I have a love hate relationship with this bronzer. I will go months without using it and then I will go through phases where I will use it pretty much every single day; which has been happening a lot lately. It’s so easy to use for a natural, everyday look where I just want a slight contour or I can definitely build it up if I want more definition. I love that it isn’t shiny and it isn’t orange nor does it appear muddy at all. I’m not the biggest fan of the brush which comes with it but it does the job when I’m in a rush. It’s great for adding a healthy glow to the skin along with adding some definition and colour back into the face. I’m not the biggest fan of the packaging; but I guess what matters most is the quality of the product, right!?

Revlon Powder Blush – 004 Wine Not: Let me start off by saying that this blush is no way NEAR as dark as it is showing up in the photo (sorry for the bad lighting). In reality, it is in between a dusty pink/berry shade with cool undertones. I think it is great for the colder months. It isn’t very pigmented at all. This might be an issue for some but personally, I sometimes prefer this because I’m quite heavy handed so this is great for when I’m in a rush. It gives a nice flush of colour to the cheeks without looking over the top. It’s also matte which is great especially for Autumn/Winter. I personally think the brush that comes with it is quite useless but the product as a whole is quite nice.

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick: Like I said in my Lip Product Addict Tag post, if I had to choose one lipstick to wear every single day, it would be Velvet Teddy. I often have trouble finding nude lipsticks for my skin tone because a lot of them wash me out but this is literally the most perfect nude. It is very pink toned with a hint of brown – the perfect combination in my opinion. It definitely looks a little darker in the tube than it actually is. I love the formulation; it’s matte but it doesn’t tug on my lips or accentuate any lines on my lips. It also lasts a considerable amount of time on me and I think it looks beautiful paired with MAC’s Soar Lip Liner. Velvet Teddy is such a beautiful lipstick which will suit so many skin tones!

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner – Blackest Black: This is one of my favourite liquid liners. I have been wearing it a lot this month. My favourite part about it is the tip, it is extremely thin but quite firm. This allows for more precision and I find it so easy to apply especially when I’m in a rush (doesn’t it seem like I’m always in a rush!?). The pigmentation and formulation is quite good, it goes on very smooth. It does tend to fade a little throughout the day but it is nothing too noticeable. I think this eye liner would benefit beginners out there who want something which is easy to use, I would highly recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂


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