Australis AC ON TOUR Contouring and Highlighting Kit: First Impression + Review


Hello lovelies! It feels like I have not posted in a long time. Today I wanted to share a little first impression and mini review on the Australis AC ON TOUR Contouring and Highlighting Kit! If you live in Australia you know how extremely HARD it was (and is) to get your hands on this product. When it first released a couple of months ago it was sold out everywhere until I luckily got my hands on it a few weeks ago…and I’m so glad I did! I have been trying this out for a little while now and it’s safe to stay I’m a pretty big fan of it! I can’t really give a full blown review since I haven’t been using it for that long but I can definitely tell you how I feel about this palette and some little tips I’ve found that helps with using it.




By the look of this palette you can immediately tell that it looks quite similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. I haven’t tried it so I can’t compare the two but I really think the Australis contour kit is amazing quality for drugstore.


The palette comes with six different shades. These shades aren’t named; but numbered instead which might make it a little difficult when explaining the colours. The first highlight shade I would describe as a pink/beige toned highlight which is very matte. I don’t reach for this shade too often because I feel like it might look a little too ashy on my skin tone – so it may be the perfect shade for those of you who are really fair. The second shade is a yellow toned highlight (the resemblance to the Ben Nye Banana Powder is uncanny). I use this shade a lot to set my concealer underneath the eyes and it does a great job of setting and also brightening that area. The last highlight shade is a warm toned beige with some slight shimmer which is almost frosty.


Now onto the three contour shades which is definitely my favourite part of the whole palette! The first contour shade is a warm toned brown – I think this is great for bronzing up the skin rather than contouring. The second contour shade, a cool toned chocolate brown is definitely my favourite shade to contour with out of the three. I always reach for this shade more so than the others and think it would compliment a lot of skin tones well. The third contour shade is probably my least favourite out of all – extremely warm toned brown shade but with a lot of red undertones – it is very earthy.


The contour shades are EXTREMELY pigmented. Sometimes I think it’s a little too pigmented for it’s own good (if that makes sense). You need to apply these shades with a lot of caution, making sure that you only pick up the tiniest amount and dust off any excess. It’s always better to build up your contour slowly instead of just slapping on a whole heap of colour which can end up looking extremely muddy and dirty.

I think this palette is definitely worth buying. Australis even included a little guide on the back of the palette which would be highly beneficial for those who are new to contouring and highlighting.


The main tip I can give if you’re considering purchasing this palette is to be very cautious when applying the contour shades to make sure you don’t apply too much. To sum up, I would highly recommend this palette especially because for $16.95 you can’t really go wrong! Unfortunately Australis is only available in Australia so I apologise if you are from elsewhere!


7 thoughts on “Australis AC ON TOUR Contouring and Highlighting Kit: First Impression + Review

  1. Great review! And you are on point saying that bronzing shades are very pigmented. I struggle with blending it out on my nose a little but I do believe less is more with contouring. Highlighter though is amazing I’m obsessed with it.

    • I completely agree! The grey-ish shade works really well for contouring. I am going to check out Taupe – have not tried it yet. I know what you mean! Even here in Australia, we don’t get a lot of popular brands 😦 maybe you could try for something similar online? 🙂 Thank you for reading x

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