Stila In The Light Palette: Review + Swatches


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and great start to the New Year! I know I have literally been M.I.A for a long time now! Life just really got in the way, but now is the time to get back into blogging regularly again!

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite eye shadow palettes of all time; the Stila In The Light palette. This was probably my very first high end eye shadow palette that I ever owned. I say high end because Stila is quite expensive here in Australia. The palette was gifted to me by a relative a couple of years ago and I instantly fell in love with it! This is such a great, versatile palette with 10 different shades ranging from shimmery to matte shades. I find that the shimmery shades in this palette are a lot more pigmented and softer in comparison with the matte shades. Sorry my palette has become a little dirty over the years!






Bare: This is a matte ivory shade which isn’t too chalky and easy to apply. I like to use this as a matte highlight under the brow bone when I’m opting for a super shimmery eye shadow look because it helps to even out the look
Kitten: Stila’s cult shade! This is probably one of my favourite shades in the whole palette. It is a beautiful nude/champagne colour which is extremely buttery and pigmented.  This shade is so easy to apply as it literally glides on your lids. I love to use this as a highlight in the inner corner of my eyes.  It can get a little messy at times so it’s best to use a light hand.
Bliss: Although this shade doesn’t look like anything  special, it shouldn’t be underestimated; because it is such a great neutral shade to use in the crease for blending out eye shadow with a nice gradient.
Sunset: Clearly from the pan you can see this is my most favourite shade. A beautiful coppery shimmery eye shadow which is very warm toned.
Sandstone: A matte neutral brown shade which isn’t as pigmented.
Bubbly:  A beautiful shimmery gold which is extremely buttery. Similar to Kitten but not as pink, it is more golden.
Glided Gold: A dark matte brown shade with lots of golden glitter through it. This is an interesting shade because although it is VERY matte, the golden flecks make it unique.
Luster: A highly pigmented, cool toned brown shade with a little bit of golden shimmer that is not as overpowering.
Night Sky: I would describe this as in between a blue and grey shade with some silver shimmer throughout. It isn’t as pigmented and I don’t reach for this shade much.
Ebony: A matte black shade which is a little chalky in my opinion and not as pigmented.

The palette also comes with a Smudge Stick eyeliner in the shade Damsel which is a matte chocolate brown.

I would definitely say that I prefer the shimmery shades over the matte shades in this palette.  As you can see, I have definitely reached for the shimmery shades more often over the years. However, this is a great palette if you are looking for a neutral, versatile palette that is easy to blend. They last a long time on my lids with a primer on average about 8 hours.
I would highly recommend this palette. It was because of this palette that I became introduced to Stila products and they are now definitely one of my favourtie brands.  In Australia it is a little on the pricey side ($52 AUD from Mecca) so the best bet would be to have a look around online for some good deals (I do know a few Australian gals ordered this palette from Beauty Bay for a lot cheaper).

Have you tried this palette? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


25 thoughts on “Stila In The Light Palette: Review + Swatches

    • They are such pretty colours! Bubbly is one of my faves too! Anything gold and shimmery is right up my alley! That completely sucks that it is not available there 😦 perhaps you can try online? I hope you get to try it out, it’s a lovely palette! Thanks so much for reading 😀 xx

      • yeah that’s a great idea thank you looking it up right now! And I know right those colors are just to petty 😀 and of course love your blog ❤ How is it on the other side of the world anyway??

      • Did you have any luck finding it online? Thanks so much ❤ :). Hahaha I love it here in Aus! Although it is summer right now so very hot! Whats it like in the Netherlands I would love to travel there one day! 😀 xx

      • Heyy I did! Well sort of, it was out of stock but I get notifed when it’s in stock again 😀 I can’t wait!!
        And it’s to weird to think about it being summer now there I’m literally wearing a sweater right now and it’s like freezing outside haha. I wish I’d live in Australia I imagine it being really pretty and loads of beach. XD and here it’s cold, but no snow (anymore) and well very straight. The biggest hill we have here is probably a bridge xD No seriously. But it’s summer now? And how about in the summer time here? Is it then winter there or is it just always summer-like? Cause if it is I’m moving. 🙂 Xo

      • Oh thats awesome! You will most certainly love it! There are lots of beautiful beaches here 🙂 Does it snow there!? I wish it snowed where I lived! You’re so lucky! When it is summer there I think it is winter here and trust me it gets pretty cold in winter here but even in winter there is always usually lots of beautiful sunshine 😀 xx

      • Hiii!
        You have no idea your the lucky one here snow isn’t that much fun after the first day when it turns gray.. (But it doesn’t snows there at all? What about the other side of Aus?) Btw I kind of read all your posts haha love ! ❤ And I saw you lived in Sydney?? I grew up in Amsterdam but did you even knew about the Netherlands like I wouldn't it's so small! Ps what kind of books do you read? 😀 Xo

      • Hiya! It snows in certain parts of Australia but I’m yet to visit those places.. Maybe one day! 🙂 haha aw thank you for taking the time to read them 🙂 i like your blog too! Yes I live in Sydney 🙂 hahaha I knew about the Netherlands I love learning about different countries 🙂 Khaled Hosseini is one of my fave authors have you read any of his books? Also Paulinna Simons is a really good author 🙂 do you have any suggestions 😀 ? Xx

      • heyyy! Wait your saying you haven’t seen snow before? Well a warning it’s really cold. 🙂 And I haven’t heard about any of those author, but I’ll look it up! My all time favorite book is probably how to kill a mockingbird it’s so beautiful and sad I watch the movie too.
        And more.. This is harder then I thought. I heard a lot about Charles Bukowski so I’m really curious about him have you read any books of his? I also already read like 3 books from John Green, I really like his work too. I like to read books in the original language if I can but that’s a bit hard to get here in the Netherlands, and also, I don’t understand everything. (Not fluent as you probably already noticed)

        Btw your opening; Hiya! Made me wonder what the differences are between English and Australian? Is hiya something you really say? This might be a really stupid question but I’m really curious haha ;D

      • Hey! Yes never! 😦 haha I actually don’t mind the cold! It’s extremely hot weather that I cannot stand! You should definitely check out those authors I highly recommend 🙂 I haven’t read To Kill A Mocking Bird but have heard great things about it so will check it out 🙂 haven’t read any Charles Bukowski either so will check that out too 🙂
        I totally didn’t notice anything wrong with your fluency! I think it is just fine 😀 hahaha nope hiya is just something I say randomly 😛 I guess I have my own vocabulary hahaha. Wow we totally have a whole conversation going on here on my blog post haha 🙂 xx

      • Hellowww :3 I just saw that one of the authurs wrote the Kite Runner! I’ve heard about that one! Next time I’m going to the liberary (Yes still do that) in grabbing a copy hahah. And you should totally read To kill a mockingbird! It’s so beautiful (I cried) And I’m so glad you think my english is fine! Wish my english teacher would feel the same way though. ;p
        And I know right haha and everyone looking at your blog can read our conversation about books and snow ❄️
        Oeps I thought hiya was something you said in Australia hahah awesome vocabulary 😀 I just say a tweet from 5 seconds of summer (don’t know if you know them the’re also from Sydney so probably hah) which said good morning just a few minutes ago while it’s bed time for me here aaaahhh hi future person 😄 Xoxo

      • Hey! You totally need to read Kite Runner but i’ll tell you now it’ll surely make you cry! Hahaha I will definitely check that book out I have heard a lot about it 😀 lol from makeup it went to snow and now books 😛 well I am a total book worm 😀 no I don’t know them (I’m a little behind with things 😛 ) hahah the time difference is crazy right?! Whats your Twitter I shall follow you 😀 xx

      • Hi! So sorry for not replying for so long I’ve been crazy busy even now it’s really late but I don’t care 🙈 Haha if you say it will make me cry I’m pretty sure I will. I’m a really fast with crying when it’s about books or sad movies. Hahaha our subjects are amazing I’m also a book worm so I guess the topic books isn’t that strange 🙂 and 5 Seconds of summer are a pop/punk/indie rock band from Sydney, they are dorks ;p I really like their music haha. So if you see 4 really tall guys, 1 having a really weird hair color say hi from me okay? 😀 What kind of music to you listen to? And my twitter is not that interesting though I just use it to keep up with band to be honest haha but if you still want to follow me, :p it’s @4thousandroses. I shall follow you back! I saw it’s like 28 degrees out there and I was ready to pack my backs it’s literally freezing here. But I’m going to sleep now hah it sounds probably weird for you cause your day just started, I think. Still can’t get over it. So what’s going on down there? 😛 xoxo

      • Hey! So sorry for the late reply, have also been a little busy and not had time to blog or reply to comments 😦 but getting back into it now. Haha me too! I always cry in sad movies but I still love watching them! Oh really! Hahaha okay I will 😀 I don’t think I have a favourite genre of music, but I find that a lot of mainstream music these days is always repetitive and sounds the same! Bring back the old school music I say! Haha. Awesome I just followed you! My username is @sita_anjali just giving you a heads up so you know it’s me haha. Oh my gosh, it was 38 degrees here in Sydney last Saturday can you believe it! It was ridiculously hot! And then the past two days it was pouring down rain and tomorrow its going to become warm again! Trust me you wouldn’t enjoy the climate here in Sydney it is forever changing! Whats the weather like over there? 😀 x

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