Real Techniques Review – Expert Face Brush, Blush Brush, Setting Brush.


Hi everyone! Today I wanted to review some of the Real Techniques Brushes by Samantha Chapman. I know these are definitely not new to the beauty world and I guess you could say I have been a little late in hopping on the Real Techniques bandwagon. I did purchase the Stippling Brush last year but to be honest I wasn’t a massive fan. The main reason why I stayed away from purchasing these brushes for so long is because it’s a little pricey here in Australia.  I recently picked up the Blush Brush from Priceline about a month ago (for AU$22.99 I believe) so when I discovered iHerb and saw that they sell Real Techniques brushes at a super affordable price, I just had to order some! So I ordered the Expert Face Brush (AU$10.51) and the Setting Brush (AU$9.34) – that is pretty much half the price for what they retail for in Priceline. If you’re in Australia you should definitely purchase your Real Techniques brushes from iHerb – shipping was pretty quick too. Anyways, on to the review….

P.S – sorry my brushes are a little dirty 😛 

Expert Face Brush:


Firstly, when I saw this brush I was actually quite surprised at how small it actually is. For some reason, I always thought it would be a big brush. It is synthetic like all of the Real Techniques brushes and the bristles are dense and soft which I am a big fan of. I love the finish it gives when I apply my foundation. I think it’s the same finish as the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (I will do a review of that later) but I find using this brush more convenient especially on the days I’m in a hurry because I don’t have to wet it before using it like with the sponge. This brush makes foundation application super quick and easy, the brush is very sturdy and the shape of the brush makes it easy to get into every nook and cranny of the face. If you’re looking for a brush that is easy to use and will blend your foundation out flawlessly then I would highly recommend this brush.

Blush Brush:


This is most probably the largest brush I have ever used for applying blush – and to be honest I was quite scared that it would deposit too much product onto my face but it’s the complete opposite! The brush is really fluffy and tapered at the end, and the unique egg shape means it applies blush really lightly so the finish always looks natural which is what I love because I’m quite heavy handed. I have heard a lot of people also use this brush for contouring and bronzing but I’m yet to try that.

Setting Brush: 


Since this is a setting brush, I assume it is for setting under eye concealer – and that is what I use it for. I also use it for highlighting. This brush is nicely tapered and super soft; it is the perfect size which results in precise application. When setting my under eye concealer I have found that it sets my under eye area without looking cakey at all so I’m a big fan of this brush too.

I would highly recommend all of these brushes. I love that they are synthetic and thus cruelty free – a major plus in my opinion.  Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these, or if you would recommend any other brushes from Real Techniques xx


14 thoughts on “Real Techniques Review – Expert Face Brush, Blush Brush, Setting Brush.

  1. I think I will have to try these sometime. 🙂 I am so new to applying make-up so I really struggle to apply with brushes. Since they are easy to use and don’t deposit too much product, as you said, it seems they are worth a try. 😀 This review was very helpful. 🙂 xx

  2. Awesome! I finally know what brush is for what 🙂 I rarely use makeup and always end up using just the blush brush from my set. Eager to try out the setting brush though, I think it’s exactly what I need to cover up those under-eye blemishes 🙂 and thank you for the visit!

  3. I do love Real Techniques brushes – my favourite is the Stippling Brush which I would be lost without. I’ve used mine so much that I’ve recently had to replace it as it started shedding!

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