Pastels for Spring! Maybelline Super Stay 7 Day Gel Nail Colour Review.



Spring is in full swing now in Sydney… barring the occasional bouts of rain and thunderstorms! I have been loving these two colours to wear on my nails lately – I have not been wearing anything else! I’m just so impressed by the longevity of these nail polishes and the beautiful range of colours they have. While I have said in previous blog posts that I’m not one to follow seasonal trends, these two colours were just too pretty not to wear!

These nail polishes have the perfect consistency. Maybelline offers a gel-like formulation without obviously doing the damage that actual gel nail polishes do. I once jumped on the whole gel nail polish bandwagon and while I loved how glossy my nail polish was, it really damaged my nails. So, when I tried this range I was so impressed. While I can’t speak for all of the colours, the two that I have tried are highly opaque without being streaky at all! If you are a pro at applying nail polish you can probably get away with one coat but I always like to apply two coats.

I really do believe that they live up quite well to the ‘7 day’ chip resistance. Although, I have to say that you definitely need a top coat with these nail polishes. Silly me, recently applied Eternal Lilac without a top coat and it started chipping a little bit after about two days. With a top coat, I really do think they survive beautifully on the nails for a VERY long time. So impressed! I also love how the brush is wide and flat, it makes application so quick and easy. Nothing I hate more than really thin nail polish brushes because they are such a pain to apply.


Enduring Pink is a beautiful, pastel pink.. The perfect colour of nail polish if you’re looking for something cute and girly. Definitely has become one of my favourites!


Eternal Lilac is the perfect pale lilac. Lilac is probably one of my favourite colours so there’s no doubt this is my favourite of the two.

I definitely think these nail polishes live up to the hype and what they promise to deliver. I will be purchasing more of these. What I’m really disappointed about is I can’t seem to find the colour ‘Uptown Blue’ from this range in any of the stores I have been to. Is this specific colour just not available in Australia? I hope not! Please let me know if you are in Australia and have been able to get your hands on ‘Uptown Blue’, it literally looks like the most perfect baby blue.

Thanks so much for reading 🙂 xo


20 thoughts on “Pastels for Spring! Maybelline Super Stay 7 Day Gel Nail Colour Review.

  1. Started reading this thinking ‘hmm this must be a really old post… how far have I been scrolling?!’ – of course it’s autumn here in Ireland, clearly my brain hasn’t registered there’s another side to the globe lol *It’s been a loooong week*
    Great post, absolutely love the colours – the Lilac is incredible!! Looks a really glossy polish too, definitely on my ‘must have’ list for next spring 🙂 Karen x

    • Hahaha! I do that too sometimes! I love the Lilac too! They have such pretty colours for spring. You should definitely see if you can get your hands on the Uptown Blue when spring comes round in Ireland, it looks so pretty! Thanks so much for reading 🙂 x

  2. Your nails look absolutely gorgeous. Very fresh and everything spring is all about. It’s autumn here, but I’ll be sure to check those nail polishes out 💕x

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