Crush Cosmetics – Mini Haul


So recently I discovered the online website Crush Cosmetics which sells beauty products that are not easily available Australia like Milani, MUA, NYX (I know NYX is in Target now but my local Target doesn’t have much stock). So I decided to order some products and see how things go, and I have to say I was SO pleased with how quick the shipping was… I ordered at 1PM and received my package the next day at 11AM, super pleased! 😀 I only picked up three products… and I bet you can already guess what type of products right?! LIPSTICKS! Haha… I really have a problem. They also sell Lime Crime which I really really really want to try! Maybe next time. Anyways here are some pictures! 🙂

20140723_122507 (2)

Milani Color Statement Lipstick – Sangria: A beautiful berry colour! I also love the scent of this lipstick. A perfect shade for Autumn/Winter

20140723_122544 (1)

Make Up Academy Lipstick – Shade 13: The perfect bright red lipstick with slightly orange undertones! Really pigmented and an affordable price.

20140723_122714 (1)

NYX Matte Lipstick – Shocing Pink: The perfect neon pink! It has blue undertones. I actually have never tried any of these brands before (apart from NYX but I only have a few products) so I’m excited to try them since their not that easily available in Australia. I am extremely happy with my purchase and will definitely be ordering from Crush Cosmetics in the future 🙂


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