Chanel: Vitalumiere Aqua – Review.

Hey lovely people! So since my previous post was a review on a more affordable product I thought my next review should be on something a bit higher end… just to mix it up a bit! If you’re anything like me and you love both drug store and high end products than this post may be of interest to you

There’s no doubt that this foundation is a bit of a splurge! Ok, not a bit, it is a big splurge! I believe this was about $77 or $78 AU (don’t quote me on it though, I can’t find the product on the David Jones website where mine was purchased from). This is a water based foundation so it aims to create a more natural look (it is quite runny). The foundation is VERY light weight, with coverage ranging from light to medium; I don’t think you can get beyond that. So if you have acne prone skin, this might not be the best choice for you especially wearing it alone, you will definitely need to conceal.

I have combination skin which is on the drier side, and I tend to sometimes get very, very dry skin in my T-zone (especially my forehead and nose). However, I still find it works for me with a good moisturizer and exfoliating scrub. But if you have really oily or really dry skin, I don’t think this is the best foundation for you, considering the price. It does give a very natural, luminous finish which is great for people who don’t want a heavy coverage. This foundation is best applied with your fingers, when I first purchased it I tried applying it with foundation brushes and it would just crease so easily!

I’m in the shade 20 Beige. This foundation is a little limited in terms of the shades it has to offer, if you have a really pale skin tone or really deep skin tone it will be hard for you to find a matching shade.



I know in the photos it looks like the foundation is a little too light for my skin tone, but that’s because my hands are a little darker than my face. Nonetheless once its blended out, it’s still a pretty good match.

All in all, this is a pretty good foundation for when I have ‘good’ skin days (if only I had great skin everyday!). I do like this foundation, I like to wear it on days where I want a more natural look. But like I said, don’t purchase this if you have really oil or really dry skin, it won’t be worth the splurge!



4 thoughts on “Chanel: Vitalumiere Aqua – Review.

  1. Chanel’s products are absolutely amazing! They are definitely worth the splurge every now and then. 🙂
    I don’t own any of their products anymore at the moment other than one of their lipglosses but I had my make-up done there once and my skin felt like silk for days afterwards.

    • Hehe I completely agree. A girl must splurge on something as luxurious as Chanel at least once 😛 The only thing I own of theirs is this foundation – I really want to try their lip glosses though. I would love to get my makeup done at Chanel, lucky girl! 🙂 x

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